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This web page is a walkthrough for film get=”_blank”>film film film the Rush Hour stage in Crash Bfilm andicoot four: It’s About film Time. It will guide you step-through-step film to break every crfilm ate and earn each Gem, which includes assisting you discover the Hidden Gem area. Wumpa Gem #1

Wumpa Gem #2

Wumpa Gem #three

Box Gem




441 Boxes

advertisementCheckpoint 1

This is a completely unique stage where you get to play as Tawna and then Dingodile, no bandicoot siblings! To start, walk left to find two cheekily-obscured stacked of boxes. Now head down the balcony and use the vacuum to suck the TNT proper off the Box Drone. Fire it away, then break the box stack in the back of him. Now head proper and waft across the rickety structures to make it to the green building.

Smash the box stack on the other aspect, then vacuum the TNT Box ahead and hearth it at the Box Drones beforehand. Spin the box stack on the a ways aspect of the balcony, then observe the next setpiece. You’ll want to waft over the rickety systems after which film film onto a passing van, that’s additionally rickety. Thus, you’ll need to time your approach so that the van is near the remaining platform, making it simpler to float to the yellow constructing.

On the other facet, bounce on top of the Sweeper Bot to flip him over, then Spin him away (professional players can Spin them AS you land on them!). Up in advance might be a film Nitro Box Drone: you’ll want to apply one of the two TNT Boxes at the walkway to safely smash it. Once you’re achieved, spoil the packing containers and bounce at the little TNT partitions. At the give up, vacuum the TNT Box Drone, then waft across the rickety platform to the orange building.

Once on it, take out the Sweeper Bot, then vacuum up all of the box stacks (Inferno Boxes don’t hurt you if you vacuum them!). Now visit the back-left corner of the rooftop and drop off the facet: you’ll land on a platform with a Golden Wumpa Box on it. Hop lower back up and float proper to the subsequent rooftop. Take out the Sweeper Bots and the containers here: you can get the Golden Wumpa Box within the tower via standing near (however not too near), then jumping and Spinning.

Now head forward across the yellow bus roofs to the red constructing. Vacuum the TNT Boxes and use them to take out the Golden Wumpa Box Drone, then the Sweeper Box ahead. Jump right down to the next platform, then go with the flow over to the rickety structures. Jump left and quickly spin the box stack, then soar onto the balcony and Spin the Box Drone. Glide right around the Nitro stack, Spin some other container stack, then take the elevator at the right all the way down to the Checkpoint Box.

advertisementCheckpoint 2

You need to now have as a minimum 151 bins. These box numbers will assume you haven’t blown up any Nitro Boxes whilst we doesn’t inform you to, that is easily feasible.

Head around the corner, vacuum the TNT Box Drone, and fireplace it on the Sweeper Bot on top of the bus. Jump right onto one of the train motors and vacuum up the 4 Boxes on the proper, then float forward all the way to the give up to vacuum a Golden Wumpa Box Drone. Jump proper onto the crimson vehicles with the Sweeper Bots on them, then leap through the teach automobiles to the following one.

At the next Sweeper Bot truck, take him out, then glide left to get onto another bus with a Sweeper on it. From here you could use the rickety platforms to reach a walkway with every other Sweeper and a large stack of packing containers on it. Take the platform back to the pink trucks, then vacuum up the box stack. When you get the TNT Box, leap again onto the platform and fire it at the Nitro Box Drone in advance: this could make things plenty simpler.

Jump across the teach motors to the red truck, then vacuum the TNT and fireplace it on the Sweeper at the bus. Glide over, vacuum the Boxes at the proper, then bounce throughout the rickety structures. As you move, ensure to dance at the TNT Boxes at the proper. Once you’re making it to the alternative facet, Spin the field stack to get Wumpa Gem #1, then use the elevator at the right to get to the following Checkpoint.Checkpoint three

Now you have to have as a minimum 227 packing containers.

Head around the corner to spoil the bins, then face the way ahead. The next setpiece is a completely tough one: you’ll want to leap and flow throughout the line of visitors, dodging Nitros and Nitro Box Drones that chase you, and the small vehicles will of course drop a second after you land on them. The long gray teach motors don’t drop, so you need to prioritize striking round on them. Oh and there are floating bins too.

For the floating packing containers, it’s worth declaring that you may honestly soar out to them film while not having the float, which saves a number of time. After the primary balcony, you’ll come across an Aku Aku Box: it’s essential to hold him till the give up of this phase, because there’s a gap in which you’ll be swarmed through Nitro Box Drones: you may use Aku Aku to tank a success and blow them all up thru a sequence reaction.

When you get to the second one balcony, make sure to apply one of the TNTs to explode the following line of Nitro Boxes to make matters a piece less complicated. If you’re honestly good, you could bring a 2nd one with you and hearth it at a 2d row. This may be very beneficial because that is the big Nitro Drone swarm, right while you discover a line of ? Boxes. If you continue to have Aku Akue, look forward to them to cluster collectively after which jump into them intentionally to break them, making things a good deal less difficult!

Once you get to the very give up, forget about the elevator and go to the opposite aspect. Jump throughout a few site visitors as you pass, and you can flow into a lower back alley. Head down to the back and Spin away the Trash 4K, then Glide left to get to a ledge with the Hidden Gem on it! Now get back to the elevator to be taken to Tawna’s 1/2!Checkpoint four

You have to now have 279 containers (if you handiest blew up ONE row of Nitro Boxes plus the final swarm of Nitro Box Drones on the cease of Dingodile’s segment).

To start, wreck the 2 Boxes and then Hookshot across the distance to break a few greater containers and kill some more Trash 4Ks. Since they’re big, the Hookshot can best stun them. Once they’re down, soar up the wall the film usage of the Frank’s Plump Wieners Kioskbot (we’ll simply name it a Kioskbot any more). At the top, take out the ? Box on the right with the Hookshot, then use it again to blow up the Nitros.

Jump up the 2 Kioskbots to some other ledges. Take out the Sweep and go to the right side. Here, jump on the Box and Inferno Boxes to get Wumpa Gem #2, and disclose an Arrow Box on the bottom. Use it to spring excessive and clutch a Golden Wumpa Box. Land returned at the floor and stand far from the Arrow Box to soundly Body Slam it with out blowing up a TNT. Once it’s long past, Hookshot the ? Box to set off the TNTs, then head left. Hookshot the TNTs at the stack right here from a safe distance, then Belly Flop the Locked Boxes.

Now you’ll start on a grind rail phase. On rails Tawna handles similarly to Crash and Coco, except she can not dangle underneath them. Instead she will be able to use her Hookshot to hit switches and distant bins, but best while there’s a button prompt for them. Hit the transfer to disable the surprise gate in advance, then leap over the educate automobile’s hook, leap into the box and then Hookshot on pinnacle of the teach automobile.

Take out the Trask 4K after which leap up the Kioskbot to a ledge with Sweepers on it. Take them out in case you wish, then use the holographic Wall Jump panels to go up the slot. At the pinnacle, soar at the ? Box, then move proper and Double Jump onto the Countdown Box. Now quickly pass lower back and alongside the rickety systems to Kick all of the new Boxes earlier than they disappear. At the very cease, Hookshot the Box in the Stack, then the TNT, permitting you to soundly Belly Flop the Locked Boxes.

Now pass up some other Wall Jump slot, then Hookshot at the top to move the space. Step onto the platform to be taken up to the following Checkpoint.

advertisementCheckpoint five

Jump onto the rail to begin the following phase. You’ll need to be careful with your soar timing so you can hit the boxes above the rail, and of course maintain an eye fixed out for boxes off to the sides as well to Hookshot when given the prompt to. When passing thru the gates, recall that you may use the Hookshot at the same time as jumping over some thing, like the teach vehicle hook! After smashing the Box after the gates, Hookshot to the next Checkpoint earlier than the rail ends.Checkpoint 6

Around the nook, Hookshot the Trash 4K, then Hookshot again to hit the TNTs at the back of him, letting you Kick away the Trash 4K extra effectively. At the stop of the walkway, Wall Jump up the slot, then leap off the Kioskbot on the top so that you can Hookshot throughout the gap. film Destroy the bins on the top, then soar up another Kioskbot so you can Wall Jump off the food truck and onto any other grind rail.

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